During the festive buzz of the Rakhi season, it is important to get all the elements of the Rakhi festival right; the Rakhi thali, being of chief importance. Read on to know more.

Rakhi Thali Decoration

Celebrated on a full moon day in the Hindu Month of 'Shravan', Raksha Bandhan is a traditional ritual celebrated all around India. The festival is an elaborate affair of sisters praying for their brothers' long life and wellbeing by tying a sacred thread around the brother's wrist, strengthening the bond between them. Celebrated with gaiety and devotion, Raksha Bandhan is a ceremonious occasion that is followed every year with the basic elements of the festival remaining the same. On this joyous day, all important aspects of the festival are looked after, right from the food to the decorations and the gifts. It is therefore important to understand the significance of some core elements during the festivities. Rakhi puja Thali is one of those important elements of Raksha Bandhan celebration. Ideally, the sister applies 'red paste' or 'tilak' on the brother's forehead and ties the Rakhi on his wrist after that. The essential components of the Rakhi Thali are a 'diya' or an earthen lamp, sweets, roli paste, 'akshat' or rice grains and finally, the quintessential Rakhi a.k.a. the silken thread. The way the thali is arranged and the efforts that go into making it look stunning are explanatory of the sister's adulation for her brother. There are many different ways in which you can make the Rakhi Thali more visually appealing. Here are a few options.

Nuts And Dry Fruits Thali
You can automatically make your plain, boring Thali look a lot more festive and colorful with the addition of dried fruits on the plate. You have the option of either replacing your traditional sweets with dried fruits such as chestnuts, almonds, cashew nuts or dried figs, or you can just arrange them in a circular position to add to the Thali's visual appeal. Either way, nuts and dried fruits add to the richness and beauty of an already, extravagant Thali.

Betel Leaves Thali
Although there are convenient, readymade Rakhi Thalis available in the market today, there is still nothing better than making and decorating an authentic Thali from the scratch. An even better idea would be to replace the traditional silver, or brass containers, with betel leaves for a dash of freshness this year. With the vivacious green color and the 'auspicious' factor associated with these leaves, the Thali will not only look more traditional, but will also enhance the festive atmosphere. If betel leaves are not your choice then another alternative could be banana leaves which are just as versatile.

Turmeric And Roli Thali
'Roli' and turmeric are two essential, traditional components for this festival. These can also be used as decoratives on the traditional Thali. A semi-solid paste can be made with either or both of these elements blended with a bit of water and decorations can be made across the plate according to your freewill. The dazzling colors of red and yellow will add to the exuberance of the Thali.

Floral Thali
Colorful flowers are tantamount to gaiety and freshness. These can be used to decorate the Rakhi Thali in different ways. You can use very little around the boundaries and still make the Thali look striking, or you can fill the Thali with flowers to make the decorations stand out and look more flamboyant. Either way, it is certain to please the eye! To make a Thali look extremely traditional and propitious, you can also cover an ordinary Thali with sandalwood paste, and mark it the symbol of 'Swastika' and then line the edges with colourful flowers

Decorating a Thali need not necessarily be a hassle. If you have the right options and let your imagination soar, there are endless possibilities that you can come up with. Keep in mind the basic elements that go on to the plate. The decorations do not have to be extremely elaborate for the occasion. Less is also more. Keeping in mind these options, along with a bit of creativity of your own, it is safe to say that the sky is the limit!