Have you ever tried making a Rakhi card instead of buying it straightaway from the market? This write-up will help you out in how to make a Rakhi card using threads, beads, sequins, sparkles, etc.

How To Make A Rakhi Card?

Raksha Bandhan is a revered festival in India that is celebrated widely to strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters. It is a favorite festival of siblings in childhood who eagerly wait for Rakhis, gifts and sweets on this day. Roads are filled with people travelling from one place to another to visit their siblings and celebrate this festival with a lot of zest and enthusiasm. An easy way to express your love for your brother is to gift him a Rakhi card. It is an expression of love, affection, gratitude that her brother has bestowed on you all these years. And instead of simply buying a regular Rakhi card from the nearby market, it would be an awesome idea to create one on your own and gift it to your beloved brother on the day of Raksha bandhan. Make use of resham threads, blossoms, paints, sparkles or anything handy and combine them to create attractive Rakhi cards.

Homemade Rakhi Cards

Paper Panel Cards

Things Required
  • Some Paper Panel Cards
  • Beads, Threads, Tinkles And Ribbons
  • A Sparkle or a Glitter Gel Pen for Writing
  • Poster or Water Colors to Paint
  • Take a cardboard paper and cut it into desired size. Usually, a size of 7 inches x 11 inches is considered as a standard Rakhi cards' size. Now fold this in the center.
  • Fix a colorful thread along the sides of the card, leaving around a half inch white space along its borders. The space left could be more or less than half inch based on your design.
  • Now stimulate your creativity and decorate the inner side of the rectangular space. For instance, you can do a beautiful poster or water painting that depicts some religious symbols or use motifs and beads in dynamic colors.
  • Apart from your artistic abilities, also encourage the writer within you and express your love for your sibling through some attractive lines. You can also simply write ‘Happy Raksha Bandhan’ in the center.
  • Now, write your message inside the card. The whole space is available to you to express those emotions that you are not able to express otherwise.
Calendar Cover Cards

Things Required
  • Two Sheets of Calendar Covers
  • Rakhi
  • Kumkum Powder
  • Beads, Sparkles, Sequins and Other Decorations
  • Kalawa Thread
  • Ganesh Picture
  • Scissors
  • Rice Grains
  • Collect two good quality sheets of calendar cover which have a white back-end. Stick the front colored sides of the calendar sheets by facing them towards each other.
  • Now you have one single white sheet. Cut this sheet into the size you desire and fold at the center.
  • Paste a colorful thread or the kalawa Inside of the card; that is where the card is folded.
  • Paste the Ganesh picture to the top right hand side of the Rakhi card.
  • Get hold of the Kumkum powder (considered very auspicious in Indian festivals) and make a tika and also stick some rice powder to give a real religious effect.
  • Fix a Rakhi below the tika. It is even better, if the Rakhi is also home-made.
  • Now you can adorn the front part of the card any way you want using the beads, sequins, sparkles, etc and write your message for your sibling inside the card.
Though Indian markets are flooded with numerous Rakhi cards, it is an all together different and wonderful experience to create a card by yourself. Undoubtedly, you will love this experience and would like to do it each year for your sibling as a special gesture.